Easy and Wireless Home Automation

The Simplicity of a Home Automation Solution with ZigBee

Purchase a UBee Nano and test our ZCL library


Since the democratization of data processing in the Seventies, many experts made us dream while showing us the houses of the future. Today, the “intelligent house” penetrates gradually in our daily life, it becomes increasingly accessible and gradually the house automation is standardized…

Until yesterday, the house automation is based on owners solutions in order to satisfy with multiple needs and multiple remote controls.

Today, the ZigBee technology is an international standard who fulfil all the needs without complexity and tomorrow with only one remote control.

The BeePack™ product is a solution upgradable, interactive house automation and easily accessible.

It allows fast implementation of objects ZigBee™ without particular knowledge. The objects do not require wire. They work on battery during at least a year. Only exception to this rule, the object of type “router” who requires 220VAC outlets to upgrade your home automation solution in all the house.

These intelligent objects can be any time moved.

Intelligent, they can announce that it is time to change the piles.
Intelligent, they send information only that you asked them and sleep the rest of time.
Intelligent, they listen to the other objects for to react at your need.

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BeePack Kit ZIGBEE