Easy and Wireless Home Automation

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The product BeePack™ is intended for the users of network ZigBee™ unconscious detailed of the standard. It aims at the implemented and at the fast handling of a network ZigBee™ to reassure your home, manage your electrical consumption ...

It consists of elements software and following equipments:

- Software CleoBee™ Certification application ZIGBEE

Software of network management Zigbee™, compatible stack 2006 and stack pro 2007. It exists in version Windows XP or Linux.

- Coordinator UBee Certification application ZIGBEE

USB key Zigbee™ stack pro 2007 

- Router ZPlug

Zigbee™ Power Outlet, stack pro 2007, with the following features:

  • switching,
  • Instantaneous and cumulated consumption measuring,
  • router Zigbee™ to extend your network

It works under 220VAC and 16A.

- Object ZRC

A switch in moderation of temperature Zigbee™, stack pro 2007. It works on 2 batteries AAA.

- Object ZGas

Detector of carbon monoxide and smoke Zigbee™, stack pro 2007. It works on battery 9 V 6LR61.

This Kit is a basic group and can be supplemented by other CLEODE products.