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A software with UBeeCertification application ZIGBEE to manage the ZigBee™ objects

CleoBee™ is henceforth available and allows to visualize a network of ZigBee™ objects , to interact with these last ones without having of knowledge in programming. Multi-interface threads, it works in the environment Java JRE 7.0 minimum. This software leans on the standard ZigBee™ and the available Stack pro 2007 since 2008 June

The objects are detectable with the dongle UBee connected to a computer by a port USB. Create by the company CLEODE, this dongle consists of a CC2530 of Texas Instruments. UBee has a weight of 15g and has for dimensions 78mm x 23mm x 15mm

The dongle USB is the coordinator of the network and possesses ZigBee™ Stack PRO 2007. All objects make a mesh network and transmit the informations on the frequency 2,4 GHz. A ZigBee™ network insure an excellent immunity in noise. The ZigBee ™ protocol was conceived to take care of more than 65 000 equipments on a only network. Experiments showed a feasibility on more than 400 equipments. The range between two objects is 100 m maximum in 0 dB (open field). This limitation of impact disappears with the router notion. By means of the interface CleoBee, the user visualizes the coordinator, the ZigBee™ objects and can link them with the graphic representation of his house or apartment (feature Project). This feature allows associating the same ZigBee™ objects with different views.

A visualization of topological type allows the user to see its installation as a network mesh. With this interface, a user visualizes the cluster's attributes of every object, configures them and defines behavioural scenarii. For example, create a link beetween a ZigBee™ button and a ZigBee™ Power Outlet to switch on in the room.

Any ZigBee™ object , standard Pro 2007, can be manage by CleoBee™