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DevBee : A SDK to develop quickly your applications.

Purchase a UBee Nano and test our ZCL library

DevBee™ is a development kit targetting users and developers of ZigBee™ wanting to fast generate a wireless mesh home networking based on ZigBee ™ protocol and the IEEE 802.15.4 standard without specific knowledge of the ZigBee stack.

This DevBee™ contains a ZCL library that provides a higher level API.

This ZCL library provides, in C/C++, JAVA, the following functionalities:

  • Automatic Network discovering of all the devices,
  • High ZCL level functions to read and write attributes, manage reporting, bindings and groups,
  • Provides all the ZigBee definitions (smart energy, home automation, cluster library, ...)

This library makes ZigBee use very easy. You focus on your application, not on the serial protocol between our UBee and a PC or Box.

Because our library grows with the standard, you get all the new functionalities of ZigBee.

Key features

  • Hardware part including the UBee™ dongle and two ZigBee™ device objects,
  • software part including library, files « *.h » for the compilation or a jar file and examples.


normes CE
Meets European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements

Meets the Home Automation Public Profile standards established by Zigbee alliance