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UBee Boost

The Ubee Boost dongle is a network coordinator ZigBee ® with an amplified signal up to +20 dBm. It is used to manage a wireless domestic network by Zigbee™.

Ubee Boost is the network coordinator and its firmware can be fully updated.

Ubee Boost can be used under Windows, Linux, MacOS and Windows CE.

Used Boost in conjunction with the network manager CleoBee™, Ubee provide you the right solution to manage sensors and actuators on a Zigbee™ domestic network.

Key features

  • Zigbee® Coordinator with amplified signal
  • Automatic Scan of using channels
  • Network Parameters Storage
  • Fully compatible with stack pro 2007 “Home Automation” Public Profile
  • Fully programmable

Technical Data

Weight 20 g
Power Supply USB 2.0
Radio 2,4GHz stack Pro 2007
Output power up to +20 dBm


normes CE Meets European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements
Meets the Home Automation Public Profile standard established by Zigbee alliance