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ZCare is a fall detector which can communicate on Zigbee™ standard.

ZCare is used to detect, with its embedded numeric accelerometer, a fall of a person.

On fall, it transmits an alarm to a coordinator ZigBee™ (cf UBee). Also, the user can easily alert by pressing a button on ZCare.

ZCare is compliant with Zigbee™ Pro 2007 stack and then it can be easily plug in an existing network. ZCare is fully configurable with a Zigbee™ manager (cf. CleoBee™)

Several ZCare can be installed to take care of a group.

ZCare is very low power and works with a rechargeable battery by induction.

This product can be easily fixed on the wrist.

Key features

  • Fall detector
  • Manual alarm
  • Network association Switch
  • State led
  • Configurable with a Zigbee™ manager
  • Compliant with the Stack Pro 2007 "Home Automation" Public Profile

Technical Data

Weight 38 g
Power Supply 1 rechargeable battery Li-Polymer 150mAH
Accuracy Measurement 0,0625 g
Range Measurement -2g à +2g


normes CE Meets European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements
Meets the Home Automation Public Profile standard established by Zigbee alliance