Easy and Wireless Home Automation

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The product ZKey allows you to control ZigBee® devices home by wireless link utilizing the standard ZigBee® wireless frequency.

Each button allows the management of a scene and enables according to the scenarios planned to control an opening gate, the closure of all or a part of the shutters.

The product is specially optimized for a use outside the network and works with CR2032 battery.

User can configure it with a Zigbee™ manager CleoBee™.

Several ZKey can be installed at home.

Key features

  • 1 or 5 buttons
  • Network association Switch
  • State LED
  • Embedded battery supervisor
  • Configurable with a Zigbee™ manager
  • Compliant with the Stack Pro 2007 "Home Automation" Public Profile

Technical Data

Weight 23 g (Battery include)
Power Supply 3V CR2032 battery
Comsumption Up to 2µA in idle mode
Battery Life > 1 year
Measurement 60/40/17 mm


normes CE Meets European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements
Meets the Home Automation Public Profile standard established by Zigbee alliance