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Without modify your installation (electric or water), ZMeter measures the instantaneous power and cumulated consumption of the connected device.

ZMeter is compliant with Zigbee Pro 2007 stack and can be easily add in an existing network.

ZMeter is very low power and works with two AAA batteries.
This product can be fixed on the wall with screws or sticky tape.

User can configure the reporting of consumption with a Zigbee™ manager (cf. CleoBee™).

Key features

  • Instantaneous and cumulated consumption measuring
  • Switch On/Off
  • State LED
  • Configurable with a Zigbee™ manager
  • Compliant with the Stack Pro 2007 "Home Automation" Public Profile

Technical Data

Weight 60 g (without battery)
Power Supply 2 AAA batteries
Battery Life > 1 year
Accuracy Measurement ±1 ‰ of full scale
Range 100m


normes CE Meets European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements
Meets the Home Automation Public Profile standard established by Zigbee alliance